Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Review Marc Jacobs Lovemarc Lip Gloss

Help again all!
I purchased this lip gloss a while ago.  Possibly right before the VIB sale?  I am not 100% sure. I purchased it in the color Sweet Escape.  Although I do not wear gloss very much on an everyday basis.  More like only when I go out for special events (and I remember.)  I have a select few that I really like and use.  This one is definitely a keeper and I will continue to use it but I don't think I will run out and buy another or replace this one when it is empty.
Here are some packaging photos.
Next is a swatch of the color.
Here is a picture of the wand.
My biggest issue with the gloss is that the packaging becomes very messy.  Picture below.  I have heard from others that theirs have leaked!  Yuck!  I hope mine doesn't do that.  Although I keep my upright in my vanity, so helpfully that helps.
So here is my breakdown of this product.

Pigmentation- 4/5
Texture- 5/5
Longevity- 3/5
Application- 5/5
Packaging- 5/5
Price- 3.5/5
Product Overall- 3.5-4/5

You can purchase this at:

I hope you found this review helpful.  Thanks for checking this out!


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