Saturday, January 4, 2014

Overview my Skincare Mostly Perricone MD

I have been asked many time through this year about my skincare.  Which is interesting because it is the first year in a long while that I have tested out many types of skincare products.  For a few years I have used only Origins.  Well maybe one other item in here or there.  However I started using it because there are many items that you can not use while pregnant.  For some reason I started feeling like i needed a change.  There wast anything wrong with the Origins I was using, but I just felt like my skin needed a change.  My overview on Origins you can check out here from 1 year ago.  Then I also posted an updated routine a few months after that, so around 10 months ago on Origins.  Then most recently a skincare update with some origins and some other items a few months ago.
In between I also tried some Mario Badesqu Products and reviewed them.  Most recently I tried some items by Dr Schultz called Beauty Rx.  After trying that line I decided to give Perricone MD another try.  I had tried many items by them and there are many that are favorites like the Blue Plasma (review here) A holy grail product for me.
So when a representative at Perricone contact dmd to try out the full line I was super excited.
I really do love this line and think I will continue to use it until something like what happened with the Origins happens.  I have since already repurchased the Serum Prep and the Face Finishing Moisturizer.  You will see them in a haul very soon.
So here is the product break down of what I use.  I know it is a lot of steps, but it really has worked for me.

I use some of the same items in the morning, it is definitely not as many items.  Especially since in the morning i don't have as much time!  

Same Cleanser, but not with the clarisonic.  I still use the Serum Prep and the same eye cream, not the blue plasma one.  Here are the other items I use.  

I know that this is a lot of steps and it is a pricey line, but I feel like my skin is looking amazing.  I have very few breakouts and my skin doesn't seem as oily.  
I hope this helps some of you out.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  


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  1. So glad you started blogging more! Enjoy your videos and will def enjoy your posts. :)


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