Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Perfume and a bit of a rant

Hi again all-

So I had the Viktor@Rolf Flowerbomb perfume the first year it came out. I remember liking it and using it up, but with everyone recently raving about it again my interest was peaked!

So on to the rant- I had gone on to the luuux site and tried it out for a while and I did gain a lot of point/dollars, however I was not a fan of how they changed their mind on how things were being run, how points were being given, etc so often. I feel if you are a valid company you should test everything out before you launch it. So that being said I decided to close my account.

This also came on because when I started on the site I was saving for a I-Pad which was around 30k points. So I had been loading and commenting etc to save up (which takes a while to do.) Well I decided to go on to look at the shop and see what they had that was new and to my surprise the I-Pad that I was saving for was now 46k points. So that combined with the whole lessening points etc I decided to find something to buy and cash out and close my act.

The only thing that I saw that I could get (and the point requirements for these things is crazy) was the Viktor@Rolf flowerbomb.

I was excited though because I remember liking it and don't remember why I didn't re-purchase, but with so many people talking about it I decided to give it another shot.

That being said it also took almost 2 week for my product to get here from luuux.

So I am interested in trying out again and I will keep everyone posted on how I like it compare to my other favs!


Friday, December 3, 2010

Wedding Dress

Ok so as many of you know if you follow me on twitter- I got engaged in September and we are getting married in July 2011. So I am a super low maintenance bride. Most stuff is done. Booked the location, transportation, photographer, officiant, made the save the date magnets and have appointments for the week before New Years to do food and cake tastings.

So I went with my mom this week to "look at wedding dresses." That being said I left with my headpiece, veil, bra and dress ordered.

Funny it was the first one I tried on and it was the one I kept going back to. We are getting married outside at a beach club so I wanted something light and not hard to move around in for July! So here it is!
That being said I am not going to be putting many posts on here about this because I have most of it done- I want this to be done now so as the date approaches I can relax and enjoy it!
I hope you enjoy seeing the photo!
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