Thursday, April 24, 2014

Blogger Event

Hi again all-
So I have some videos pre loaded on my You Tube Channel but I won't be posting them here on my blog for the weekend.
I am going away to a blogger conference in Dallas and I will not be bringing my computer.
So I hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy the videos that I post!


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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Haul Sephora, Colleen Rothschild, Famous Dave's and more

Hi again all-
Yet another haul.  I can't seem to help myself when Sephora has a discount code.  I wasn't to be sure to stock up on things I like and make sure to get items you guys would like to see a review on.  So this haul is mostly Sephora, some Colleen Rothschild (can I say how much I am loving this line) Famous Dave's Self Tanner and much more.  Below are the photos, swatches and links for where to purchase.

 Living Proof Perfect Hair Day (PHD) Styling cream

 Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Sheer Powder 01

 Sephora Lip Stain 05

 Hourglass Feme Rouge refill in whisper

 Marc Jacobs Omega Bronze- one color only

 Sephora Pro Tapered Crease Brush #19

 Sephora Formula X Polish

 Guerlain Terracotta Jole Teint Natural

 St Tropez Bronzing Mouse (left) and Dry Oil (right)

Dior Icionic Overcurl Mascara (left)

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Honey (right) 

 Famous Dave's Small Batch Reserve Self Tanner

  • Online directly from their website

 Sante Products Not yet for Resale- May 11th (more information to come if you are interested)
Collen Rothschild (left to right) Clarifiying Detox Mask, Gel Cleanser, Salicylic Acid, Lip Balm

  • Online at her site directly (when I review I will have a discount code) 

Karora Gradual Tanner and Instant Tan

Please let me know if you have any questions, if you would like a review on something or if you know something I should try!


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Monday, April 21, 2014

Review Hourglass Ambient Blush

Hi again all-
I know I am sure behind on this but I still thought people might like to hear what I had to say about these blushes.
I do own one of the ambient lighting powders and I like it but I don't wow love it.  SO I was slightly hesitant when I heard about these.  I did however pick up two of them and then one more later.  I only ended up keeping two of them.  Mood Exposure and Dim Infusion.  I have however since purchased another in Etherial Glow.  I have been using one of them every single day since i have purchased them.  I think the combination of radiating powder and the blush just works amazingly.  They are very easy to work with and blend for a seemless look.  I think they are going to be perfect for summer.
Here are some photos and swatches of the two I have.
 Mood is on the left and Dim in on the right.
 Mood is on the left and Dim in on the right.

Here are my thoughts:
Pigmentation-  5/5
Texture- 5/5
Longevity-  4.5/5
Application- 5/5
Packaging- 4/5
Price- 3.5/5
Product Overall- 4-4.5/5

You can purchase these at


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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Face of the Month NARS and MAC Eye March April 2014

Hi again all-
It is amazing how fast a month seems to go by.  I have been doing a neutral eye using MAC, NARS and Laura Mercier for most of the month.  Plus I have been doing no liner- that is crazy for me and I talk a little about that in the video.
So here are the products that I used this month.

Guerlain Primer
Eve Pearl Salmon Corrector
Bobbi Brown Skin Corrector
Guerlain Lingere De Peau Foundation
Marc Jacobs Face 2 Brush
Benefit Stay Dont Stray Primer
Anastasia Brow Duo
Blinc Brow Mousse
MAC Studio Fix Powder
Laura Mercier Baroque
MAC 224
MAC Blondes Gold
MAC 213
NARS LolaLola
MAC 217
Shiseido Lash Curler
NARS Creamy Concealer
Marc Jacobs Concealer Brush
Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Powder Foundation
Kat Von D Lock It Powder Foundation
Hourglass Mood Exposure Blush
Laura Mercier Pan Liner
Dior Iconic Overcurl Mascara
Cover Girl Jumbo Gloss Balm 270
MAC Plushglass- Ample Pink
Guerlain Meteorites Powder
MUFE Kabuki

I hope you enjoyed this and please let me know if there are any look you would like to see me do.  


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Friday, April 11, 2014

Review First Aid Beauty Cleanser, Mask and Moisturizer

Hi again all-
A little while ago I was contacted by First Aid Beauty to try a few of their items.  I have heard a lot of people talk about their products but I had never really found a reason to try their products.  The draw was just not there for me ever though i had heard people rave about them.  Can I say I am so glad that I tried them, because I would not have found this cleanser (my fav item) if I had not.  So on to the review.
I will start with my favorite.
Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser with Red Clay.
This item is by far my favorite in the items i was sent.  It really gets my skin feeling clean with out making it tight or dry feeling.  Even us oily skin girls shouldn't be using something that makes our skin feel to dry and tight.  :o( It red in color, doesn't really foam but you can tell when it is on your face, and it is super smooth and easy to use.
I use this cleanser both morning and night and at night I use it on my clarsonic.  I love the way my skin feels after using it with my clarsonic.  I have already purchased a back up at the Sephora VIB Sale.  See that video here.

The next item
Skin Rescue Purifying Mask with Red Clay
Now I will start by saying that I am horrible about remembering to put a mask on.  I will go for peels and facials, but at home I just forget or don't make the time for them.  I really had to remember to use this. When I did use it it is a thick and sticky and difficult to spread on your face.  It is supposed to be a mask that peels off your face after it dries.  Well the first time I guess I didn't put enough on in order for it to peel- so I had to wash it off.  My skin did feel very nice and tight, but not in a drying tight way.  Thenext time i tried it I kept trying and trying to get a thicker layer on.  I thought I had it but this time I was only able to peel a piece here or there,  SO I personally don't feel as if it is a good Peeling mask, but it is a nice mask that you can wash off.  I have tried it a few more times and I just can't master the peeling.  Haha.  It is also red in color.

The next item
Ultra Repair Liquid Recovery
Funny thing with my oily skin I thought that I would love this because it gives moisture yet isn't heavy.  which is true.  Maybe it is my age now (40) but I didn't feel like it gave me enough moisture.  The bottle is super cool and different.  It is way easier to use than I had anticipated.  I just didn't fall in love with it.

So I hope you found this review helpful and I will having a new review coming up on some skincare that I feel in love with only after 2 days of using it.  That never happens with me.  I always always think you need at least a month to know if you love something.

Please let m know if you have any questions.


Sorry the video post will not be in this video until next week, since I will be away traveling.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Haul Sephora VIB, Colleen Rothschild and more

 Hi again all-
I am posting this video now so you can get some idea of what I got for the Sephora VIB Rouge sale. I tend to try things I would not normally buy or buy back up's of thing I know i love.
The video is a little fuzzy- I thought I had the whole camera things down- haha.
So right on to the haul.

Loreal Sublime Bronze Tanners the lotion and mouse.  The mouse is a new item from the line.

Sedona Lace Midnight Brush Collection come with 4 brushes

Collen Rothschild Retinol Cream and Vitamin C

Chanel Angled Powder Brush

 Marc Jacobs Re(Marc)able Concealer in Young

Marc Jacobs Concealer Brush
 Guerlain Terracotta 4 Season Bronzer

 Guerlain Terracotta Matte Bronzer

Guerlain Terracotta Light Mosaic Bronzer

 First Aid Beauty Red Clay Cleanser

Perricone MD Serum Prep

That is all for now I am sure I will place another order.  Is there any suggestions you guys have please leave them here!  


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Monday, April 7, 2014

Fashion Soon

Hi again all-
So I am considering starting doing some fashion posts on my blog.  What do you guys think about that?  Favorite items?  Outfit of the day?
Let me know your thoughts.


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This is a tag video that I saw Kristin Gehm do on her channel.  I thought it was a fun tag.  I won't lie at first I was like- TMI- Too Much Information.  Haha, but it was fun and had great questions.
Please let me know if you have any other TAG videos you would like to see.


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