Friday, January 10, 2014

Haul First one of 2014

I really love buying new things after the holidays.  Those gift cards really burn a whole in my pocket!  Haha.  Plus I always love to get things i need with them.  I don't mind actually buying new stuff but the every day use stuff I usually want on sale or a gift card to buy.  Anyone else like that?
SO here are the items from my first haul and some swatches.  

 Heavy Swatch- Smashbox on right, Tarte on left
 Blended Swatch-  Smashbox on right, Tarte on left

Curling Hair Brush I couldn't find a link 

 Swatches top row left to right
 Swatches middle row- top row first three left to right, bottom row last three left to right
 Bottom row left to right

No Links just pics of the sets in case you wanted to see closer.  

I hope you enjoyed and let me know what you picked up with your holiday gift cards.  


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