Friday, February 28, 2014

Updated room tour vanity originization

Hi again all-
This post doesn't have a whole lot to really write about.  I haven't changed a whole lot in the last year I did have a lot of issues trying to tape this with my new camera.  I know this still is not amazing but it looks better than some of the others I tried to tape.  Haha.
So my shoes racks are Billy Bookcases from Ikea.  The vanity is from Pottery Barn.  The mirror is from Vanity Girl.  The rest of the closet built in looking parts are ikea as well.  I will try to find links for everything below.  I do have a video with a little more info on my closet here.  

Jewlery Tower Pottery Barn
Billy Bookcases Ikea
Desk from Pottery Barn
Additional drawers from Pottery Barn
Top Drawers on desk Pottery Barn
Mirror Vanity Girl
Pax Closet System Ikea

I hope you find this helpful and if you need any additional information on anything yoiu saw in the video please feel free to ask me!


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