Monday, February 10, 2014

Review Guerlain Meteorites Primer Comparison

Hello again all-
A little while back I had heard quite a few YouTuber's talking about this primer by Guerlain called Les Ors.  Now if you know me I am not a big primer girl.  I used to be.  I tried tons of them but i never really felt as if there was any amazing difference and my foundation stayed on pretty well even with out it.  So I gave up on them.  Then I kept herding all these rumblings about this primer but I just didn't give it a chance.  Then came favorites for 2013 and I still was hearing about this primer.  However it was limited edition and a lot of people were saying you couldn't find it anymore.  Ok that got me.  I was in.  I started looking and found it at Sak's Fifth Ave with free shipping and I ordered it.
I then began to research it some more and what in their line was permanent so if i loved it so much like everyone else I might have a chance at liking and having another option.
I found the Guerlain Meteorites Light Diffusing Primer that is permanent and ordered it from Sephora so I could do a comparison- and so this video came about.
I first received the Les Ors one in and tried it out.  Can I say the heavens opened and the angels sang?  :o)  Ok so that is an over exaggeration, but wow.  I started getting compliments on my skin and how it looked and really I hadn't tried anything else different at that time.  Then I got in the Light Diffusing one from Sephora.  I tried it right away the next day and it was nice and actually I still got compliments on my skin, but for some reason to me it wasn't that same heavens opening exaggerated feeling.  This made me want to have a back up of the Les Ors, so I then found it at Nordstrom and ordered it to have a back up.  Now don't get me wrong the Light diffusing one was still nice but there is just something I can't quite put my finger on about the Les Ors one.  I will put swatches below so you can take a look and see.
I blended them out slightly but not all the way so you could see them still.  Something about that golden tone just gave my skin an amazing look.
The photos make it look like it could cause you to look oily, but I am oily combination skin and it keep me looking the same all day.  No change in color on my foundation and no extra need to powder.
They both come in a gorgeous glass bottle that yoyo can see the pearls through.  This is also nice so you can see when you are running out.
They also have a pump that makes it easy to dispense.  I use two pumps and that does my whole face and down my neck some.
Now don't get me wrong this primer is expensive at $71, but with the amount of compliments I received on my skin- Ill bit the bullet.  :o)

So here is my break down on thoughts on this product overall.

Pigmentation- can't rate
Texture- 5/5
Longevity- 5/5
Application- 5/5
Packaging- 4/5
Price- 3/5
Product Overall- 4/5 Light Diffusing and 5/5 Les Ors

You can purchase these at the following locations:

Les Ors:

Light Diffusing:

I hope you found this helpful.  I am on a huge Guerlain Kick- please let me know if there are any products you think are a must try.


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