Friday, February 21, 2014

Review IT Cosmetics CC Cream

Hi again all-
I bought this CC cream a little while ago at Ulta.  I had seen a review about it saying it was great coverage and was good with oily combo skin.  I am not a fan of CC creams, but I decided to give it  arty.  I purchased the color light which works perfect for me right now.  I am not sure come summer though.  I have heard that there are also great deals for this on QVC, but I personally am not a big QVC person.  Not sure why.
So when I got this I was skeptical, but I was pleasantly surprised.  It does have great pigmentation and coverage for basically a tinted moisturizer.  It doesn't break me out which most CC creams do and it is super easy to apply.
I picked this up because I am trying to mot wear "Makeup" to the gym, so I thought this was a good in between for when I go.  It evens out my skin tone some and yet is not heavy or doesn't clog pores like makeup does when working out and sweating.  Now keep in mind if you wipe your face on a towel it will transfer. However I feel like when I am working out and sweating it looks very natural, it doesn't look like I am made up.  I don't wear any other makeup, just this.  So overall I think it is a nice tint moisturizer if you are someone who likes those.  I would not use this as my foundation, since it doesn't have as much staying power or coverage as my "normal" foundations.
Here are a few pictures of the packaging.  I forgot a picture of a swatch.  Sorry I will try and go back and add that later.
Here is the break down of my thoughts:

Pigmentation-  4.5/5
Texture- 5/5
Longevity- 3/5
Application-  5/5
Packaging-  5/5
Price- 2.5-3/5
Product Overall-  4.5/5

You can purchase this at the following places:

I hope you found this helpful and please let me know if you have any questions.  


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