Thursday, October 13, 2011

Overview Skincare 2011

So this has been requested many times. It is an updated Skincare. I will say this changes for me all the time as far as moisturizers, masks and washes, etc. The reason for that is because I am always testing new items to see how they work and to review them.
So here is what I have been using most recently.

Kirkland Facial Cloths- Costco- $15-34

Sigma Cleans and Polish- $39

Origins Checks and Balance- Sephora- $19.50

Clarsonic Mia- Sephora- $119

Osmotics- Blue Copper- Beauty Choice (20% off right now):
Firiming Elasticity Repair- $85

Anti-Aging Cleanser- $30

Firming Eye Repair- $75

Osmotics- Eye Surgery- Beauty Choice- $68

Personal Microderm- $179 (and wow they sell replacement heads for it! YAY!)

Ren- Sephroa- $55

Arbonne- Sea Source Mask- $45

Nude- Cleansing Oil- Sephora- $36

Stages of Beauty Moisturizer- $74.99

Ellen Lange Peel- $65

Some of these items that were sent to me long ago, but if I stuck with them it meant I really loved them.
I hope you enjoy this!


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