Friday, February 5, 2010

Haul #75 Cover Fx, Makeup Desognory (MUD,) Marcelle, Annabelle, Personnelle, Barry M, Cover Girl, Revlon

Hi again all-
So i have another haul! But this time it is stuff that was sent to me, a swap and two items I bought for myself!
Here are my swatches of what I have and the links to the products:

Marcelle Beige Impressionist
Personnelle Serpentine
Left to right-
Cover Girl Line Exact Black
Barry M #17
Personnelle- pearl
Annabelle Armour
AnnabelleHalo 157
Personnelle Dramatic
Annabelle shadow

Left to right-
MUD Lady Bug
Gosh- Sparkle 620
Angel (not sure on the brand)
Shadows (lightest to darkest)-

Here are the links for MUD and Cover Fx at Sephora!

MUD set reg $69 on special for $29.95 link- http://shop/

Cover Fx link at Sephora-



*I purchased the items in this video except for the MUD and Cover Fx- I am not being compensated from either company.


  1. The Angel lipstick is by Annabelle ;) And the Annabelle shadow is Chlorine ;)

    Someone on your vid. left a comment that the Dramatic personelle duo looks like Prestige...we don't have Prestige here. Maybe the same company makes them? I looked online for pics and the packaging looks very similar lol funny.


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