Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Review and Giveaway Sedona Lace Synthetic Brush Set`

 Hi again all-
I have been given the opportunity to review and do a giveaway with Sedona Lace for their Synthetic Brush set.  I have had this for a little while and I took a whole week and only used these brushes to see if I could do my whole face with what comes in this kit.  I am excited to say I LOVE THIS SET!!!!
Giveaway instructions will be at the end.
Here is the break down of the brushes-

This is the full set and the container that they come in.
Brush 376 Powder brush- this brush is great for an all over powder brush
Brush 813 Duo Fiber- this brush is great for a pigmented blush
Brush 727 Foundation Brush- this is great for applying foundation- not my favorite choice for applying foundation but it works.
Brush 850 Large Angled Powder Brush- I don't agree that this is large but it is great for applying contour bronzer and blush
Brush 954 Concealor Brush- this is great for applying concealer to specific areas.
Brush 407 Medium Angled Shading Brush- I love this brush for applying an all over color on the lid
Brush 941 Large Shader Brush- this brush is great for packing color on the lid
Brush 863 Tapered Blending Brush- this brush is a great mix between a MAC 217 and 224
Brush 305 Eye Shading Brush- this brush is great for applying color on the lid or for applying on the brow bone for highlight
Brush 904 Pencil Brush- this is great for applying right in the crease and for blending out the lower lash line
Brush 561 Small Angled Brush- This brush is great for filling in your brows or for applying gel liner
Brush 772 Eye Liner Brush- This is great for applying gel liner

For the giveaway you must do the following:

Good luck and please let me know if you have any questions.  


*** Products in this post were sent to me by the company, but all opions are my own and I do not profit from any purchases.  


  1. Please enter me in the Sedona lace giveaway. My Sedona acct name is Christina Moreno.

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  3. My account name is
    Please enter me in the sedona lace giveaway, thank you.


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