Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Review and Comparison Sedona Lace 968 and Sigma F80

So a while ago I had heard some talk about Sedona Lace and their brushes.  I heard they were pretty much very similar to the Sigma brushes but at a fraction of the cost.  So I decided to check them out myself.  So I purchased probably 6-8 brushes and the 968 had fast become my favorite.
This brush is pretty much a dupe for the well known Sigma F80, BUT it is cheaper, softer and cleans so much easier.  It is pink and black in color and looks pretty on your vanity.  I was surprised at just how soft it was and then when I went to clean it I am not sure if it is the pink and black, but it cleaned so much easier which is important to me.  I hate when a brush gets that foundation film left on it.
The price difference is $14.95- $21 (which doesn't seem like much) but when you add in the shipping through Sigma it can add up.  Sedona Lace always seems to have great inexpensive and fast shipping.
Now one thing I do want to mention is that they do perform the same.  Someone had asked me that after I used it on a face of the month video. Video link here.  
So overall- they are very similar but I do find the major differences to be the pricing, who soft it is and how easy it cleans.
I have posted some photos of the brush and it next to the Sigma also, so you can decide for yourself.

I purchased this brush at Sedona lace online

I will add the link t the video shortly.  

I am wearing:
Eve Peal Salmon Concealer
Guerlain Lingering foundation
Laura Mercier Powder- 
Lancome waterproof concealer- 
Too Faced Chocolate Bronzer
NARS Orgasm
Benefit Stay Don't Stray
Urban Decay Naked pallete
Tarte Gel Liner
Loreal Liner Intense
Too Faced Better Than sex Mascara
Blinc Brow Mouse
Coastal Scents Mauve
Marc Jacobs Role Play
Buxom White Russian
Zoya Solan

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