Friday, September 9, 2011

Review Milani Liqui'feye

Hello all-
So I was so excited when I found these liners since I love the original ones that need to be sharpened. But I found that the automatic ones are not as great- they don't turn up. I thought i had a bad one but both of mine are this way. So I posted my review on YT and many people said that you have to turn from the top not the bottom- that worked on one but not the other! :o( Anyway I wanted to let everyone else to know about this and to make their own decision after. I will say the pigmentation is not as good as the ones you sharpen. I hope this helps someone out- either rot figure out if there one is a bad one or if they just are not turning it correctly.


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  1. Good to know. I am not a fan of automatic pencils for some reason. I feel like you get more product with regular pencils. The only exception for me is Tarte's liners.


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