Friday, September 2, 2011

New Beauty Test Tube and QVC

So, I saw a video that Heidi (Jalepena2007 on YT) about the New Beauty Test Tube from QVC. Now I have seen this magazine and liked it but couldn't see paying $10 every 3 months for it. I had also heard about the test tube but I didn't know anyone who had received one. So when I watched her video I was intrigued to give it a try. Now there are two different ones- one from QVC that has products that they sell and one from New Beauty (NB) directly that has products that they feature in the magazine.
So I did some back and forth about which one to order and I actually ended up ordering both by mistake. I thought I canceled my order from NB, I had received a cancelation email. But I ended up receiving both in the mail and I am glad I did.
The main differences are the QVC one is more makeup based and the NB one is more skincare based. See my video below for exactly what is in them. The do both come with a copy of the magazine (which at $10 each time makes this seem like a better buy to me.) The NB one comes with a $20 gift card for spa look, but the trick is you have to spend $100 to get the $20 off. So be aware.
Each test tube is $29 before shipping- so it ends up around $38 every three months and it will auto deliver.
Do you get this? If so let me know some of your favorite products you have received or which you prefer QVC or NB!


New Beauty Link:

QVC Link:


  1. How did you cancel your NB one ? I think i made the same mistake you did and i want the QVC one. Did you just email them? I do not see a cancelation button anywhere on the site... how convenient right?

  2. @Janner I actual decided to keep both, but there is a spot on the website to email for cancelation and they responded very quickly! :o) I just re-instated mine because I like that they are different


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