Monday, November 8, 2010

New Toy

So this weekend I was out and I have been debating the I-Pad for a while and I finally decided to get one.
It was a decision on size of memory and with 3G or without. So I have spoken with people I know that have these and the response was unanimous- wifi not 3G. Here in Baltimore 3G/AT&T sucks plus the contract is crazy. As you may be able to tell I am a true Verizon girl! Plus with the Wifi version you can get use the Verizon hot spot (carry it in your purse) and it is the same (if not faster) as the AT&T 3G. So after I made these decisions I went to get one. To my surprise they were sold out at the Best Buy, but another one close had one so they were able to hold it for me.
After getting it and getting it home (then syncing it with my itunes and outlook) it was up and running. So far I am LOVING it! I love it more than my laptop for YT, email is easy, web is great and the apps are amazing too! On twitter I got lots of recommendations on apps to try.
Also I was able to set up netflix's today also so I can watch any movie on it.
So the short of it is this thing is great- I will use it for many things including for work when I am on the road, however it is not a laptop replacement.
So what are your thoughts on these? Apps that you love, etc?


  1. its soo funny to me that technology came up with this i pad maybe cause i know nothing about it but i feel like i wanna close the top down..and there is none..HOW do you take care of in the screen..and how ddoes it set up does it have a backing likea picture frame?? Well congrats on your new toy its really nice!!

  2. @funkymacgirl i actually bought a case for it. I will have to post pictures tomorrow! It is so easy to use too! The case I got also works as a stand! It helps protect the face!

  3. ooooh!! That's an awesome buy! :)

  4. Hi Lisa- I love my iPad too! I purchased mine last Feb and I also decided on the wifi. I also have Verizon....I should check out the hot spot- great idea. Have you ever tried Google Reader? You can subscribe to all of your favorite blogs, websites and YouTube channels. It is so easy to use and keep track of what is new, favorites, ect. I love it! Take care and congrats on the is a very fun time in life! Vanessa

  5. i'm glad you posted something about the ipad. I"m debating on getting the ipad or a laptop. My husband like the ipad and suggest for me to get it because it's perfect for me because mainly it just hotmail, YT,blogspot...the simple stuff..BUT I don't know. My brother-in-laws have one but i'm still 50/50 on it. I have music on my blogspot and I want to listen to it but when using the ipad it doesn't work on it. so idk debating like crazy. THe pros is that it's sooo tiny and thin so I can carry it all around with school and travel etc PLUS it has a 11 hours life and double plus!! BUT I just don't know, I want it to replace a laptop and I feel that if I purchase it I may regret it later. I know you can buy an individual keyboard for it which is good for me..I hope you can response to this to hear your input.

  6. Hey Lisa, I have also been debating an ipad for a while, but I have an ipod classic and an iphone 4 and a laptop, so its hard to figure out where it fits in right? But they are amazing and I will probably end up with one some day. Anyway, I found the coolest thing for an ipad, and if I had one I would definitely check it out. It is a pretty wicked case and solves the how do you store it and type on it question all in one :
    Hope this helps!


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