Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Flat Boots

So I have never been a flat shoes type of person! But this season with the new flat boots I was intrigued. So I went looking one weekend and everything i found was almost $200. For something I am not sure i will like I am NOT willing to pay that amount. So I went on a search and once again I ended up at DSW. can you tell that I love that place?

So I went in and found the boots shown above and can I tell you I am in love with them. These ones were around $39, but they are already getting scuffed up and since they are not real leather white is showing through on them. Which sucks, but at least I know I like them and I will wear them for this season- maybe fix them with some shoe polish.

So are you guys liking the new trend of these type boots?

Oh yeah and also I got these boots and another pair for just over $100 (well I had a coupon too) Cant beat that!



  1. I prefer boots with a hidden (low) heel.

  2. What brand are these boots? I love love love them!


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