Friday, April 30, 2010

Review Sigma Eye and Blush Palettes

Hi again everyone-

So this review has been requested by so many of you! I received these products from Sigma a while ago but it took me a bit to put the review up because I wanted to try the products out and really use them for a while first.

So to start with I want to mention that Sigma is a wonderful company and is so willing to answer questions of the consumers. They are on twitter and they actually get back to people who ask questions. That being said this is my opinion as someone who has purchased from them and been sent products by them! So this is not a one sided opinion of how they treat people I received the same treatment at all times! That shows what a great company they are! They also told me to give my 100% honest opinion on their products because that way they will be able to improve and make new products based on the consumers! That is awesome!

So here are the products:

Neutral Palette-

This is by far my favorite palette! As you know if you follow me I am a more neutral eye girl anyway- I might put a pop of color here or there but neutrals are my love! So when I saw this palette I was so excited! However the only thing that concerned me is that all of the colors were shimmer colors- no matte ones (this is true of all the eye pallets) So I used them and liked the colors but the shimmer and fallout were a bit much all together! I did find that when I used them along with other matte colors I liked them much more! however if you check out my video (I did an eye look only using the neutral palette) it is a wonderful look! Also for some reason this palette is not showing up on the website to buy on it's own! This palette is a must have for me and great for travel!

Smokey Eye Palette-

So this palette I gave a try a few different ways and I really liked the colors but they oxidized on me after a few hours! This happens to me with most greys! I will say however the Indian girl color in this palette is an almost exact dupe for the MAC discontinued sweet sienna pigment that is so desired! Overall this palette is a great palette if you like the grey smokey eye! It is not a MUST have for me simply because I am not a grey smokey eye girl!

Fun Eye Palette-
Ok so this one intrigued me- I liked the colors- especially the play with fire (bronze) color and the I got the blues color. I really like to use blue as a pop of color in the summer months under my eye and to bring out my blue eyes. As far as the other two colors- they are pretty but I am not someone who wears those colors very often! So this one is not a must have for me either!

Blush Palette-

Now this was a great surprise- I am a huge blush person and when I first swatched these I saw how pigmented they were but they had a good amount of fall out! I did find though after using them that when you use a brush and not your finger which puts to much pressure on the powder they work great! very little is needed. I put some one my brush tap it off and the payoff is amazing! And it comes with a highlighter! My favorites are Ruby Tuesday and the highlighter! They make a great combination! This one is a must have for me!

Overall I would give these palettes a 7 out of 10!

Another note these colors are named after Rolling Stone Songs! I think that is cool to!
Here is the link for the Sigma makeup!

So I hope you found this review helpful and if you have any questions please let me know!


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