Friday, March 5, 2010

Products I have used up

So I am not on project 10 or 5 pan- I am currently just buying things I am interested in trying until I finish at least 50 reviews on my list! But in the mean time I have finished up some products because I am using up items I have! Here are the ones I have recently finished!

Origins Multi Grain- this is a favorite must have for me! Love it!

Korres Olive and Rye eye cream- I really like this and this is my 2nd tube but I think I am going to try some new things out this time!

Alyria face cream in #2. I like this but I find that over time using it I can get the same results from exfoliation and a great moisturizer- I will stick with my RetinA from my dermatologist!

MAC lipstick in Spirit- this was a Limited Edition lip stick and I loved it for so long but now I have other favorites too!

The last item is my Urban decay Primer Potion. Just a little background on this. First I used it like it comes- then I took the stopper out (this worked for a really long time) then I did the hot water lip gloss trick and it pulled a lot up to the top and I was able to use it for a bit longer- then i finally broke down and cut it open (see pictures below)
However after taking to a lot of people on twitter and reading some info on cutting the packaging open on MUA I found out some interesting info. When you saw through the container with a knife you are cutting the plastic particles in to the product that is left in the container. So when you scoop it out in to another container yes there is product left BUT there have been people that got serious eye infections from doing this.
So for me I would rather buy another for the $18 (I already ordered one at sephora) than to chance an eye infection. the original bottle lasted me well over a year so I think I can handle buying a new one when I cant get to what is left in the container!

So let me know if you have any questions and have a great day!



  1. Nice! Great job! I didn't realize you got a second tube of that Olive and Rye!

  2. Hi Lisa,

    I would love to try the Origins Multi Grain Makeup but I keep wondering if you get the equivalent amount of product when compared to the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural. My MSFN has lasted really well, do you think wear for wear you get roughly the same or more product with the Origins one?

    Thanks :)

    Kelly x

  3. Ou.. thanks for sharing! :) That's true - not worth risking an eye infection over $18!

  4. Hi Lisa,
    Thanks so much for your great reviews and hauls etc. I have just started my own blog after months of watching youtubers and reading various makeup blogs!
    I look forward to upcoming posts.

  5. Lisa!

    Look at this... it might help you next time depotting your UDPP:

    It worked great for me and you doing have to worry about little particles that you cut into the UDPP! But use a silicon spatula instead of the wooden spoon... hahaha


  6. I was wondering, how do you get a prescription for RetinA from your dermatologist. Is it hard?

  7. @Nataly- I went to my derm and told him I wanted it to reduce fine lines and he got it for me! You should ask your derm- most will give you a retinA lotion mix! :o)

  8. I depotted the UDPP but the texture became very dry or it's just too old? It made my eyelid dry so I threw it out anyway, just got a new one with one of those sets. I do prefer the smaller container (comes with set), as it doesn't seem to be such a waste (since u won't finish everything in the tube anyway).

  9. Hi there. I also enjoyed the Alyria, but think for now I will enjoy the new exfoliation treatment I have been using that came with the Rapidlash. I always loved two other microdermabrasion products but haven't had anything make my skin feel as even as this one. I hope you are well:)

  10. Hey Lisa,
    You may be able to get a TON more use out of your lipstick if you dig it out. Sometimes there's almost another whole lipstick below there.

  11. Is the origins a powder foundation, or setting powder? I am interested in buying it since watching your reviews on it. I live in Canada, so I will have to order it online, unless you know of any stores that carry it??? As for the Urban Decay - I saw a YT video of someone microwaving the tube, and then pouring it out once it was warm enough. She said it does not effect the product. I forget who did the video, otherwise I would post the link, but it was called something like "How to De-pot your UD potion without a knife" ...

  12. @J.M.W It is a powder foundation- it can be used alone or as a setting powder for a liquid. The only store by us that carry's it is Macy's not sure if you h ave them.
    Great Idea on the UD!


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