Wednesday, June 2, 2010

May 5 favorites and 1 regret

So it is yet again the end of another month! I cant beleive it is going by so fast! i feel like we just got done with all the snowwstorms here! Crazy! well for the second day in june it is beautiful here in baltimore!

So on to my 5 favorites and my 1 regret.

So the things I am loving:

Vichy Dermablend foundation- great coverage but minimal color selection

Vichy Dermablend powder- it is a mattifying poder- so far so good

MUD Makeup Designory Bronzer- I am in love with matte bronzers right now and this one is a great color

NYC Cream Color Sticks- My fav is Berry new Yorker- these are great for a flush of color for summer or under a powder blush!

Flamingo Fiber Mascara- this is my first fiber mascara but I am loving it so far- it is cool how it works!

Now my regret- I regret buying the Loreal Secrets Professional Primer- it broke me out! :o(

So that is all for now! It is goign to be a busy summer! Lots going on! :o)



  1. The NYC creme sticks are great, the Berry in NY is the only one I don't have, lol, maybe I'll go pick it up now!

  2. Just found you on Youtube and now your blog. Love your reviews. I also bought Vichy Dermablend foundation about a month ago and while I like it, it's a bit heavy for summer in Kuwait.

    P.S. We have a place on the Cape too, will be there in a few weeks...can't wait! :)

  3. I LOVE the Vichy foundation, been using this for years! Great favs, love your videos too!

  4. Hi Lisa!

    I love your blog (and your youtube videos of course), so how could I not pass on the Sweet Blog Award to you?!? :) Become a follower of my blog if you like it! ;)


    (btw I have to try those NYC Creme Sticks!!)

  5. Where can you buy vichy at? Sephora?

  6. Hi Lisa,

    Are you no longer using the Murad primer anymore? And is the pro lumiere suitable for oily skin? Thank you for your respons,


  7. @pinkpaislet12 you can buy it in the states at CVS!

  8. @Anne yes I still use it I have just been testing so many latley I havent used it as much but it is a summer staple for me! Pro Lumiere is a bit shiny for oily skin- I would suggest the matte lumiere!


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